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      nCentive software platform.

      Secure. Flexible. Unique.

      Experience world-class security and analytics for online contests, second-chance programs, automated email campaigns and more. nCentive is the engine that has kick-started thousands of one-on-one customer journeys to help our clients make the most of their digital campaigns.

      Security you can count on.

      Market-leading Fraud Prevention

      Auditing and security tools provide absolute peace of mind with iron-clad cheat-deterrence and user-data privacy.

      Learn more

      Learn more

      We're obsessed about your data security

      Data security

      All data of a personal and sensitive nature is encrypted at the database level. This is quite unique for a customer engagement and marketing system, but we would have it no other way.

      Promotion integrity and cheat prevention

      Splashdot employs a multi-tiered approach to ensure all contests and promotions are 100% secure against cheating and tampering.

      Performance and redundancy

      Our Software as a Service platform is designed to ensure maximal uptime, smooth disaster recovery and high-load capacity.

      Control at your fingertips if you want it

      Our nCentive administration module is a secure web application, accessible only by specifically designated administrative users to fulfill a variety of functions, including: extensive reporting, contest and game management (including contest draws), site content management, member management and email campaign deployment.

      Code Entry

      nCentive's anti-fraud architecture tracks ticket number entry with full validation and secure storage.

      Fully flexible for any loyalty program

      Designed to fit

      Customizable to any loyalty environment with membership management, rewards fulfillment, points/currency management and more.

      Content Management

      A robust content management system allows you to generate targeted and personalized content to each user in your database.

      Membership Management

      Complete membership module allows registrants to sign up and manage their profile, receive secure information such as forgotten password and more.

      Real data & stats to monitor performance


      Realtime reporting and data system for entries including email-ready dashboards and customized reports.


      Poll/survey tool allows you to add to your user insights with customizable question formats, data validation and reporting.

      Rewards & Touchpoints


      Dynamic contesting capabilities allow you to develop any form of promotion imaginable including games and event-based promotions.


      Permission marketing system allows for custom and triggered campaigns, scheduling, tracked delivery and HTML/text/SMS integration.

      See what nCentive can do for you.

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